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What might everyday life be like in a sustainable society?

How do you take care of yourself and other people?

How do you work, study, move around?

These are the questions that Ezio Manzini and François Jegou begin to ask with their book and related exhibition, Sustainable Everyday: Scenarios for Everyday Life. The story that begins to unfold is that of a multi-local city: a network of places endowed with totally new characteristics. A city where a new kind of service offers citizens the opportunity to carry out their daily functions while minimizing the consumption of environmental resources and generating new forms of community.

From cooperative microclimate greenhouses to a neighborhood food atelier to a mobility agency that favors light vehicles and shared transport, these sustainability scenarios are born of an international research program and a series of 15 design workshops in 10 different countries.

Each scenario sets limits and opens possibilities; raises new questions, offers new solutions and reveals possible, different ways of living a sustainable life-- everyday.

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