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Following is a partial list of projects thatwe hope will inspire your understanding of what we call 'Slow design.' Some of these projects are our own, others have influenced the organization's thinking and programming.

Amazingness by Anna Hillman

Architecture of Subtraction by Karmen Franinovic

Body Weather Farm by Min Tanaka

Broken White by Simon Heijdens

Chandelier by Katrin Svana Eyþórsdóttir

Decay by Marie Ilse Bourlanges

Eco-Cathedral by Louis Le Roy

Edible Estates by Fritz Haeg

Emotion/Sensory Mapping by Christian Nold

endcommercial by Luca Pizzaroni and SBA

Human Chair by Martin Ruiz de Azua

Living with Things by Monika Hoinkis

Media Portrait of the Liberties by Valentina Nisi

Ooz by Natalie Jeremijenko

ParaSITE by Michael Rakowitz

Pictures, Maps, Shadows by Leslie Grant

Roden Crater Project by James Turrell

Sasa Clock by Thorunn Arnadottir

slowMail by CF Strauss and Julian Bleecker

Slow Rider by Olivier Peyricot

Slow Water by Cranbrook 3D design students

Slow Ways of Knowing by slowLab

Tyranny of the Plug by Dick van Hoff

Vesta Convivial Kitchen by Jeff Sturges

Warm Relationships by Judith van den Boom


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