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Following are a few of the people involved with and inspiring to slowLab. This list will grow as images and biographies become available.

Judith van den Boom - Slow conversationalist

Christopher J. Bribach - biomimetic architect

Butterfly Works - social design collective

Karen Chekerdjian - old/new collaborations

Sanneke Duijf - socially-responsible design activist

Karmen Franinovic - 'subtraction' architect

Zipora Fried - Slow and steady artist

Alastair Fuad-Luke - co-design visionary and facilitator

Sabrina Gschwandtner - loves a good yarn

Tinna Gunnarsdottir - locally-inspired designer

Simon Heijdens - time-ly designer

Anna Hillman - 'amazing' again and again

Dick van Hoff - unplugged designer

Natalie Jeremijenko - critical interventionist

Garrick Jones - creative business innovator

Louis LeRoy - urban visionary

Julia Lohmann - material innovator

Peter Lynch - convivial architect

Julia Mandle - arresting artist

Ezio Manzini - sustainable design leader

Joanna Notkin - 100% pure designer

Ana Paula Pais - Slow communicator

Jogi Panghaal - guardian of cultural literacies

Kyong Park - shrinking (and expanding) architect

Luca Pizzaroni - urban revealer

Timothy Prestero - Slow social innovator

Debra Solomon - socially-minded food designer

Cassis Birgit Staudt - Slow sound innovator

Carolyn F. Strauss - founder of slowLab

Super Sloth - our mascot ;)

Stuart Walker - imagination designer

Gunter Wehmeyer - socially expanding urbanist



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