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More than forty years ago, Louis Le Roy (RIP 2012) began working on an enormous structure in a meadow at the Friesian settlement of Mildam in the Netherlands. There, on a two-hectare site, he piled up with his bare hands paving bricks, paving stones, kerbstones and other discarded street rubble while allowing nature to proceed about him unhindered. Le Roy called this fascinating jungle populated by large stacked edifices an Eco-Cathedral.

The ideas underpinning Le Roy's project are the importance of the time factor in spatial processes, and working with complex, dynamic systems and networks. Inspired by the Nobel Prize-winner Ilya Prigogine, Le Roy pondered the following question: 'What can one person achieve working with nature in space and time?' Le Roy's position on these concepts is at odds with the often rapid, super-efficient, function-hugging approach to greenspace and nature in the Netherlands. The Eco-Cathedral is a place where time regains space and space regains time. Le Roy expects it to be continued by others at least until the year 3000.

To ensure the continuation of LeRoy's philosophy for future generations, the Time Foundation was established to promote insight and knowledge of the notion of ‘time’ as a condition for the creative development of cooperation between natural and creative human processes in space and time. Meanwhile, LeRoy's work in Mildam carries on and is open to the public.


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