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Broken White is one of several projects by Simon Heijdens exploring processes of time-based transformation performed by the objects and environments that surround us.

Heijdens says, "Just as one can follow the growth of a child or a flower, the connection between ourselves and the products that surround us could be more intense if they were less static, more open to our personal surrounding and able to grow, just like their users."

Broken White is a collection of ceramic dishes with rare physical characteristics. As they facilitate the consumption of food and drink over many months and years, the smooth white plates, cups and bowls develop tiny cracks that slowly, very slowly, reveal intricate floral patterns. The varying states of adornment on each plate or cup directly reflects the relationship with its owner, so that his/her favorites have the greatest wealth of decoration while others may remain quite plain.

In a world of disposable products, Heijdens has designed a unique process that embeds new layers of experience into everyday objects, enriching their meaning well beyond mere function and convenience, and thus rendering them increasingly precious to the user over time.


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