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Hare Brain Tortoise Mind




We've recently re-read 'Hare Brain Tortoise Mind' (Harper Collins 1997), in which psychologist and author Guy Claxton warned that we’ve lost touch with the slower areas of the mind that are critical to addressing the problems of our world.

Claxton points out: “As a culture, we are very good at solving analytic and technological problems. […] But when the mind turns its attention to situations that are ecological or ‘systemic,’ too intricate to be decomposed in this way without serious misrepresentation, the limitations of [this] approach are quickly reached.”

Today's tidal wave of 24/7 texting, blogging, ‘friending’ and tweeting keeps many people in a constant state of reacting, with little time for reflecting... We're quite sure that when Claxton proclaimed the value of "being at sea for a while,' this isn't what he was talking about!

Ask for it at your local bookstore.

Thanks again to Bethany Martin for introducing us to this book :)