Maria Blaisse 'Moving Meshes' at Noguchi MuseumJulia Mandle 'Dirty Cookies' (2014)Henriette Waal 'Edible Landscape Red Hook Ale' (2014)

Highlights of our Fall 2014 programs in New York City



Leading up to our exhibition at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery, slowLab led a research residency at Pratt Insitute, engaging students and faculty in Slow knowledge topics, tools and traces to expand their design thinking and practice.

As part of that program, we invited Slow actors from our international network to join us for a series of public Slow dialogues, presented with partner locations including Critical Practices Inc., Metropolitan Exchange, and The New York Earth Room.

The images at left are (top to bottom) Maria Blaisse's performance of Slow Ecology at the Noguchi Museum. traces of Julia Mandle's 'Dirty Cookies' party at the Old American Can Factory, and Henriette Waal's exploration of Slow Economy in Red Hook Brooklyn.


Dust, Dialogue and Uncertainty

NOW > Our exhibition is now open in New York City! DUST, DIALOGUE AND UNCERTAINTY: Slow Knowledge in Design Thinking and Practice is on view through 07 February 2015 at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery. Look here for more info>>

We regularly post on Facebook, a page you can see whether or not you have a FB account. We're also using that space to encourage critical thinking and dialogue about the roles and responsibilities of social media today. Take a look here>>

Photos above and at left are courtesy of M. Alexander Weber and slowLab.



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